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Building Accessibility Certification by the Rick Hansen Foundation

What is the Rick Hansen Foundation?

One in seven Canadian adults currently lives with a mobility, vision, or hearing disability. These Canadians struggle every day to grab coffee with a friend or interview for a job because of physical barriers to accessibility. Within the next 20 years, the number of Canadians with disabilities is expected to grow to more than 9 million – or one in five of us.

Whether disability is caused by the natural effects of aging, or by an accident or injury, the simple truth is that each of us will experience disability at some point in our lives and will need our communities to be accessible so that we can continue to participate and live full lives.

Providing universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible public spaces ensures that everyone is able to participate and live to their full potential, and is an important part of the United Nation’s “Envision2030” sustainable development goals that our program supports.

The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility CertificationTM (RHFAC) program works to help improve accessibility of the built environment in Canada – the places where we live, work, learn and play. Find out more about our program areas and join the movement to help create a fully accessible and inclusive Canada.

Why Be Certified by Rick Hansen Foundation

The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility CertificationTM (RHFAC) is a rating system that uses trained professionals to evaluate the meaningful access of commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings and sites.

In Canada, almost 50% of adults have or have experienced a permanent or temporary physical disability, or live with someone who has.

Accessibility is more important than ever.

What are the benefits of becoming certified? 

  • You have a moral obligation to have your building accessible
  • In some cases you have a legal obligation
  • It makes good sense economically
  • You can receive insurance benefits
  • Human Rights benefits for employees with disabilities
  • Aging clientele can access your building
  • Signage – ‘Rick Hansen Foundation Certified Accessible’

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